LOVE songs by NINA

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

well, I wrote this post during my period of exam, becoz, I am stuck with all the study material…

here I would like to post once again about my favorite philipine singer…NINAAAAAA….

I dont know, I do fall in love with her voice..someday, I will watch her directly singing in front of me..

here is the lists of her songs…

What if by Nina

will you wait for me by Nina

i cant find the word to say goodbye by Nina

here I am by Nina

somewhere down the road by Nina

why cant it be by Nina

There you’ll be by Nina

how do I live by Nina

I turn to you by Nina

the search is over by Nina

you are not alone by Nina

I love all those songss…:)..

I hope all the people who read this post will like her also..;)

  1. לרחף בין קליפ לקליפ לגעת בשוני של מנגינה ולהבין את העומק של כל מילה אתר מדהים
    נהניתי מאוד לבקר בו ולהאזין לשירים מקסימים.
    תודה פאני

  2. Waduh, malah saya keteteran nih nonton Video Clip nya banyak banget..

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